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Necessity of Regular Dental Visits for People with Dentures

Posted on Nov 15, 2016

While patients with complete dentures no longer have natural teeth, there are several compelling reasons why they should still visit the dentist regularly. The comfort and stability of dentures is dependent upon the amount of bone structure and the health of periodontal (gum) tissues, which act as the foundation for the dentures. During regular dental visits a dentist will evaluate the gums for disease and check the patient’s bite, make adjustments and repairs to the dentures, provide advice on denture maintenance, offer professional cleaning, screen for oral cancer and discuss new options.

Infections of the gums can be painful, cause bad breath, and result in poor fitting dentures that make chewing and speaking difficult. Additionally gum infections are associated with an increased risk of heart disease, some cancers and accelerated rate of Alzheimer’s disease development. A dentist is able to diagnose and treat gum infections during a regular exam.

Dentures support the facial muscles and the jaw line. Proper bite is essential to avoid sore spots and problems with chewing and speaking. A dentist is able to evaluate any changes to fit as dentures wear down over time and make necessary adjustments. Adhesives may also be recommended.

Proper maintenance helps to preserve dentures. Similarly to natural teeth, hard mineral deposits that cause stains and foul-smelling breath may develop on dentures. Professional cleanings may be advised during a regular dental visit to help remove these deposits. The dentist may also recommend special cleaners to use at home.

Oral cancer screening is an important part of regular dental visits, especially patients with poorly fitting dentures as they can be at an increased risk of developing oral cancer. Early detection is key to successful treatment.

Regular dental visits will keep patients updated on the latest developments in denture style and fit options. The dentist is able to discuss the use of implants or other options to improve patient satisfaction with dentures.

There are many important reasons for people with dentures to continue with regular dental visits. At Crystal Coast Dentistry we strive to offer excellent comfort, fit and appearance of dentures for our patients.

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  1. I like what this article mentions about the way dentures work and how in order to avoid sore spots it’s important to make sure the bite alignment is right. This could also be helpful in stopping the dentures from breaking because they wouldn’t have any unnecessary pressure on spots not designed to take it. I’ll make sure to talk to my mom about this because she recently broke her dentures and I think it’s due to her lack of maintenance and care.

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