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Preventive Care

Regular cleanings promote strong, healthy teeth and gums that enable people to chew properly, speak clearly, and look their best.  We encourage patients to have their teeth professionally cleaned twice a year by one of our hygienists.

Diagnostic Exams

We recommend patients receive regular dental exams, in accordance with the American Dental Association, to evaluate oral health status and discuss oral hygiene and dietary habits.

Diagnostic Imaging

The OP300 Maxio takes panoramic imaging to a new level. Get confident diagnostics of the maxillofacial region & a comprehensive treatment plan.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease Therapy

Periodontal Disease is the single most common cause of tooth loss in adults. If you suspect you have periodontal disease it is very important that you schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible.


Many people wish to brighten their smile.  Whitening teeth, for example, is a simple process and is most effective using a professional grade tooth bleaching paste.

Restorative Dentistry

Bridges can replace one or more missing teeth and are aesthetically pleasing and functional. Give us a call to schedule a time to discuss your bridge needs.

Oral Surgery

Crystal Coast Dentistry strongly urges you to have your teeth cleaned twice a year by your local dentist. Most insurance companies cover two (2) teeth cleanings per year.

Mouth guards & Night guards

Nightguards for nighttime teeth grinding and clenching and Mouthguards worn during sports are both excellent ways to protect your teeth!

Root Canal Therapy

Avoid losing your tooth and make the pain go away with a root canal. Generally, this can be done in just one visit!