Preventive Care


Regular cleanings promote strong, healthy teeth and gums that enable people to chew properly, speak clearly, and look their best.  We encourage patients to have their teeth professionally cleaned twice a year by one of our hygienists.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a mineral that aids in the prevention of dental caries (tooth decay) due to bacteria in the mouth.  Professional fluoride treatments are applied topically with a brush or swab and may be in the form of a solution, gel, foam or varnish.  It may also be applied as a rinse that is held in the mouth for a short time.  Fluoride treatments are especially helpful for patients with an increased risk of developing dental caries and may be recommended every three, six or twelve months.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Oral hygiene instruction helps patients achieve a healthy mouth that looks and smells clean.  We teach patients how to effectively brush and floss debris from the teeth and gums and identify areas of the mouth that may need special attention.  Patients with an increased risk of developing dental caries (tooth decay) or periodontal (gum) disease are taught how to use additional techniques and products to fit their needs.

Dietary Counseling

Eating a balanced diet and limiting snacks and sugary drinks between meals are essential for good oral hygiene and general well-being. Diet directly impacts the formation of dental caries (tooth decay) and enamel erosion and is related to growth and development of the facial bones, oral cancer, and oral infectious disease. We teach patients how to eat a varied and nutritious diet and evaluate their need for fluoride supplements to promote health and prevent disease.

Smoking Cessation

It is well known that smoking and chewing tobacco are linked to cancer and lung disease.  Some of the first visible warning signs of health damage due to tobacco use are found in the teeth and gums.  Tobacco use can cause tooth discoloration, gums to be red, swollen, tender, or recede from the teeth and even lead to tooth loss. Smoking also reduces the body’s natural ability to fight infection.  Quitting smoking or chewing tobacco can be incredibly difficult due to the addictive properties of nicotine found in tobacco products.  We offer patients help to quit these habits through counseling and physician referral.

Growth and Development Monitoring

Monitoring children’s growth and development during regular exams allows us to ensure the stability of their bite and offer early intervention when problems such as drifting teeth or severe crowding arise. Simple extractions may be necessary if baby teeth do not fall out before adult teeth begin to erupt.  We educate patients and their parents about the importance of dietary habits and oral hygiene to protect their teeth through all developmental stages.

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